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We also have means of treating wellbeing, whether mental or physical with both counselling sessions and nutritional therapy


At some time in our lives most of us experience feelings of stress, disappointment, loss and grief. At these times talking to a professional counsellor can help us deal with our feelings and emotions.

We work from a person-centered base but also integrate other methods as they feel appropriate to each client, we also offer relationship and couples counselling.

Going for counselling and admitting that you need help is a positive step in itself. Counselling can help people in any number of ways, some which are; enabling you to discuss your problems honestly and openly, deal with issues that are preventing you from achieving your goals and ambitions, and have a more positive outlook on life.

Counselling Session £45 | 1hr 15mins

For bookings ring: 01270 872 522

Nutritional Therapy

Do you suffer from low energy, headaches, dry itchy skin, cramp, aching joints and muscles, depression or low mood, frequent infections, poor wound healing, unexplained stomach aches or bloating? Or do you have other health concerns.

Our Nutritional Therapist, Catherin Ellis, uses a holistic approach which will address your food intake, lifestyle and exercise to ensure your body's systems are functioning at their best. She uses supplementation with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and dietary advice to provide your body with what it needs to function in a better way. Nutritional Therapy aims to treat the root cause of your ailment, NOT just the symptoms.

Your first consultation will take approximately 90 minutes and will be all about you, your current eating habits, your lifestyle and your medical history. Progress will be monitored at monthly follow up appointments and adjustments to your program made as necessary.

Initial Consultation £60 1hr 15mins | Follow Up Session £40 1hr 15mins